Family Law


What do you charge?

Basic fee structure:

Kevin Puckett Attorney at Law, LLC requires that an initial retainer deposit (advanced fee) be paid prior to beginning representation as set forth in our domestic retainer agreement. The initial retainer deposit is an advance by the client for future legal services. You will be told the initial deposit amount (advanced fee) during your initial consultation and will never owe a penny more than the initial retainer deposit BUT three exceptions: 1. If your case is prepared for trial, 2. Your case goes to trial or 3. You exceed your advanced fee retainer. Thus, if any one of these three exceptions occurs, our services are billed on an hourly rate as set forth in our domestic retainer agreement. 

We require that clients maintain a current balance at all times during representation. However, if there is a balance at the conclusion of your case, you will receive a refund of the remaining balance. Please note that a case does not conclude the day a judgment is entered, but when appeal deadlines and/or time limits for post-trial motions have passed after the entry of the judgment. Thus, please note that in some cases the client may owe money at the end of the case.

For your convenience, we accept debit and credit cards (Visa, Discover, MasterCard and American Express) as well as Money Orders, Cash or personal/business checks and you can always apply for “financing” on our website. If you decide to arrange a consultation with the attorney, please simply call us to make the appointment.

To schedule your initial free consultation, you can fill out the contact form on the contact page or preferably call 816-384-1640.

Can I make my opponent pay my attorney’s fees?

This is entirely contingent upon the circumstances of your case. We may ask the court to order the other party to pay/reimburse you for your attorney’s fees and expenses, but such a request is not guaranteed to be granted by the court. Thus, it is up to the Judge’s discretion whether or not to grant such an award of attorney fee based on the facts of your individual case. Therefore, your initial retainer deposit (advance fee) is still required to begin your case and you are, ultimately, responsible for all attorney’s fees and expenses of litigation that are incurred. Any reimbursement or award by the Court will be applied to your bill as the fees are received. Any excess will be refunded to you when the case is complete.

What if I can’t afford to hire an attorney, will the court appoint one for me?

Unfortunately, in family law cases, the court is not required to provide you with an attorney. If you would like to hire an Attorney you would need come out-of-pocket, pay via a credit/debit card (Visa, Discover, MasterCard and American Express) or pay with Money Orders, Cash or personal/business checks. For your convenience, you can always apply for “financing” on our website. However, if you do not qualify for financing or can pay with a credit card, you should consult loved ones, Legal Services of Western District of Missouri, Catholic Legal Services, Legal Aid of Western Missouri or Mid-Missouri Legal Services (requires an allegation of abuse and neglect for them to take your case).

How long will my case take?

How long your case takes, in many respects, is contingent upon how cooperative the parties are and how complex the issues. As mentioned above, every case is different and providing a prognostication of length for your individual family law case would be speculation at best.

How do I schedule an appointment?

If you are considering setting up an initial consultation with Kevin Puckett Attorney at Law. LLC, or hiring, you must call the office to schedule such an appointment. 

All potential clients will meet with an attorney for their initial consultation. This consultation is YOUR time, so the better prepared you are, the more we can help you.

If a client does not hire us at the initial consultation, it is often vital that a potential client then hire another attorney immediately, especially if there is a pressing or pending legal matter.

To schedule your initial free consultation, you can fill out the form on the contact page or preferably call 816-384-1640.

Can I do my initial consultation in-person, over the telephone or through video consultation?

Yes, you can do your initial consultation either in-person, over the phone or via video. A telephone consultation or video conference is the same as an in-person consultation, except that you will likely get in sooner to see an attorney due to the high volume of scheduling. At any point during or after the consultation, you may choose to work with our office.

To schedule your initial free consultation, you can fill out the form on the contact page or preferably call 816-384-1640.