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Criminal Retainer Agreement

Please check the box if you understand and agree to the above fee deposit. Additionally, it is importatn to understand that the fee deposit does not include any court cost or fines assessed against you.
Please check all boxes if you understand and agree.
All time expended in excess of the initial fee will be charged in addition to the initial fee. All time expended by any employee of the firm on behalf of the Client, including time spent talking to Client or to any person who should contact the Kevin Puckett Attorney at Law, LLC relative to the case, will be charged. The total attorney fees usually exceed the initial retainer fee. Once the initial retainer is exhausted the Client will be obligated to pay outstanding legal fees and an amount determined by Kevin Puckett Attorney at Law, LLC to cover future legal fees upon demand. Kevin Puckett Attorney at Law, LLC is authorized to incur costs and expenses. The above attorney fee does not include charges for expert witnesses, long distance phone calls, photocopies, facsimile copies, court costs, filing fees, publication costs, court reporting costs, transcripts, mileage, service fees, etc. Mileage will be charged at 37.5 cents per mile. Client will deposit with Kevin Puckett Attorney at Law, LLC such sums as are requested from time to time as an advance deposit for these costs, and said costs shall be paid from such deposits. Any unused amount in said account shall be refunded to me at the conclusion of my case, unless there is a balance due to the Law firm for attorney fees; and, in that event, such monies shall first be applied to my attorney fee account. It is understood that the retention of Kevin Puckett Attorney at Law, LLC and the fees charged herein are only for work done to the limit of this proceeding. Upon the obtaining of a dismissal or sentence from the court, the case shall be deemed to be completed. In the event of my failure to keep all attorney fees and costs current with Kevin Puckett Attorney at Law, LLC, I acknowledge that the Law Firm may withdraw from representing me and I hereby approve of such withdrawal based upon any future failure of my keeping my attorney fees and costs current. In the event of such withdrawal, I understand that I will be advised of the intent to withdraw as my attorney prior to the withdrawal occurring. It is agreed that the case will not be set for trial until all fees and costs are paid. It is further agreed that the undersigned Client is solely responsible for the attorney fees and costs.
All accounts are due and payable within ten (10) days from date of billing. Any amounts remaining due and payable thirty (30) days from billing shall accrue interest at the rate of 18% per annum until paid in full. Client acknowledges and understands that while Kevin Puckett Attorney at Law, LLC accepts this employment and promises to render professional legal services to the best of its ability during the continuance of this employment, Kevin Puckett Attorney at Law, LLC makes no warranties, representations or guarantees regarding the favorable outcome, results or successful termination of this case. Client agrees to cooperate fully with the attorney and not to do anything which would compromise the attorney’s professional ethics. In the event that Client fails to meet any of the financial obligations provided for herein, Client expressly agrees to allow Kevin Puckett Attorney at Law, LLC to immediately withdraw from representing Client in the aforementioned manner.
___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Kevin W. Puckett will sign this document after you submit.